The Ash Family has been successfully developing and managing upscale retail centers for over five decades. Our continued growth is a direct reflection of our strong commitment to the local retail marketplace paired with our carefully chosen, strategic locations and highly responsive property management team. Our family values are reflected in our long-term relationships with our tenants, community, partners and employees. Since Ashco’s inception our core belief is to always do more for our tenants and community as their success is our success.

Ashco owners Edward & Roya Ash receiving the prestigious Beautification Award from the San Marco Preservation Society of Jacksonville, Florida.


Ashco Inc. as been family owned and operated for over 50 years in Jacksonville, Florida where we have earned the reputation of being “The top operator in the Jacksonville shopping centers market.” Our growth is a reflection of our commitment to the local retail market place, providing distinguished shopping centers with the best strategically placed locations as well as offering highly responsive management. By creating our own unique designs and construction, we are assured of quality properties with lower long-term operating costs.

Our direct involvement and attention to detail have built our reputation for excellence. Ashco targets high-demand locations in both new-growth areas as well as established neighborhoods to capitalize on emerging trends and marketplace demographics. Ashco primarily owns top-quality, highly visible, “Class A” properties and goes the extra mile to help ensure the success of our tenants.

Focused on the marketplace and our tenant’s success, Ashco builds strong relationships with tenants, suppliers, and employees. Ashco is a “hands-on” company that is always accessible and responsive to the tenants we serve. We strive to work in collaboration with our tenants and hold great value in lasting relationships. The success of our tenants is pertinent to our success.


Ashco concentrates on building communities as well as giving back to the community. We strongly believe that giving back to the community helps us all and strengthens the future growth of Jacksonville.

Ashco Board Members are supporters of the following organizations here in Northeast Florida and throughout the nation: Habitat for Humanity, Subzacher Homeless Center, WJCT Station, University of North Florida, Maryland University World Peace Chair, Kiwanis Club, The National Road Safety Foundation, MOCA Jacksonville, Youth Against Cancer, and many more.


We are locally owned and managed, so we personally know the people and the areas which we serve.

We are intensely focused on the market-place and our tenant’s success.

We build strong, positive relationships with tenants, suppliers, and employees.